Odisha Talent Adoption Program

Shooting is rapidly emerging as India’s premier sport in international competitions. Shooting was earlier the sole preserve of armed forces personnel, NCC cadets and a select few from the privileged sections of society, however, it has now become a genuine medal prospect and attracts young kids with national, international & Olympic ambitions.

Shooting being a cerebral sport with an obsessive focus on mind training, patience and accuracy, it presents an exciting platform to pass on key life skills to children at an early age. Parents are warming up to shooting as a means of instilling responsibility, maturity, patience and goal-oriented thinking in their children.

With a Vision to promote the Olympic sport of Shooting in the state of Odisha, the Sports States Department has in association with Gagan Narang Sports Promotion Foundation (GNSPF) and Aditya Birla Group decided to launch a “Talent Identification & Development” program for the students of the state of Bhubaneswar. This Talent Search will be conducted by “GNSPF”, along with Odisha Sports and Aditya Birla Group. Gagan Narang Sports Promotion Foundation is being run by Padmashri and London Olympic Bronze Medallist Mr Gagan Narang & Mr Pawan Singh, Joint Secretary General, NRAI.

This program will be run with the objective of spotting children between the ages of 11 to 15 years (std 6th to 9th) who are naturally adaptable for the sport of shooting. The program will be conducted initially in the city of Bhubaneswar and will cover 4000+ students from various schools in the 1st phase.

Schools in Bhubaneswar are hereby invited to register for the program and make this opportunity available to the students of their school. For registration, they can visit https://department.sportsodisha.gov.in/gnspf-registration and complete the registration form online. They can also call up on 9583275278 for queries if any.

The students will undergo various tests of the program which will test them for their Reaction Time, Balance and Kinaesthetic Awareness and their psycho – physiological and stress endurance levels. These are all the key skills / qualities for a good shooter. These tests would be conducted in the school premises for the schools who register for the program.

From 2nd Phase onwards the selected students will be required to report to the academy at the Shooting Range, Kalinga Stadium and undergo the training program. This will be a continuous program wherein Gun for Glory Shooting Academy would introduce the students to their unique curriculum-based shooting courses.

As mentioned earlier, 4000+ students will be undergo selection tests in Phase 1. Upon completion, 200 students will be selected for 2nd Phase. These 200 shooters will be introduced to the shooting courses by GNSPF at the shooting range in Kalinga Stadium. After the completion of Phase 2, 60 shooters will be selected for Phase 3, which will be training for qualification and participation for National level competition.

A total of 200 students will be introduced to air weapons and the disciplines of Olympic shooting. The shooters will be given equal practice on Rifles as well as Pistols and at the end of the program, it will be decided whether the shooter is suitable for Air Rifle or Air Pistol. Under this stage, the shooters would be taught the intricacies of competitive shooting and trained to represent the state of Odisha in shooting competitions in 2020. The top 60 shooters would be further trained under the program and would be eligible to practice in Phase - 3 training programs at the High Performance Centre.

This entire program would be run and administered by Gun for Glory Shooting Academy under the supervision of the Gagan Narang Sports Promotion Foundation.

Scope of responsibilities / commitment by the schools for selection trials:

  • To provide an empty classroom / hall for the conduct the Talent Search program inside the school premises.
  • To provide internet facility to the coaches conducting the program in the school premises
  • To make the students available for a session of 2 – 3 hours.
  • To ensure that the students registering for the program are committed to attend all the stages of the same. In case any student opts out, the next eligible student will be inducted in the shortlist. Not necessarily from the same school.
  • To ensure program branding is placed (to be provided by the organisers) at appropriate location near the main gate of schools and school bus.

How to register?

Interested schools can visit https://department.sportsodisha.gov.in/gnspf-registration and fill up the online registration form and submit the same. They can call on 9583275278 for queries if any.

GNSPF representative will get in touch with the school and coordinate regarding inclusion of the said school in the program. Once finalised, the school will announce the program to the students / parents and initiate enrolments. A maximum of 200 students would be allowed from a given school in the program.