Kalinga Stadium

2018 Men's Hockey World Cup

In recent years Odisha has managed to made a niche for itself in the field of sports in both National & international level. To encourage more youth to take up sports, the Government is also helping sportsmen by bringing up many schemes. Adequate sports infrastructure is a vital part to achieve heights in any sport. In Odisha every district has a mini stadium or district sports complex. Apart from that there is Kalinga Stadium situated in Bhubaneswar which is host to a number of National & International events of repute. With regards,

Swimming Pool at Sambalpur

Swimming Pool at Sambalpur To encourage swimming as a sport among the youth of Western Odisha, Odisha Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation has built Dr Jhasketan Sahu Swimming Pool Complex in the city of Sambalpur. The size of the swimming pool is 25m x 12.5m and the depth will be 1.2m at the starting point. The depth of the rest of the pool is 1.35m. The swimming pool is one of the best sporting infra in the district and is open for all who want to learn swimming by paying the requisite fee. The department has also hired trained coach for the beginners.